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Brig Unicorn, St. Lucia
View of Petit Piton from Toraille Garden
St. Lucia Rainforest
Jungle Mountain Biking, St. Lucia
Jalousie Beach, St. Lucia
Toraille Waterfall, St. Lucia
Sea Turtle
Rainforest trail, St. Lucia
Choiseul Village, St. Lucia
Diamond Falls, St. Luica
Reduit Beach, St. Lucia
Gros Piton Trail and Guide, St. Lucia
Grand Anse, St. Lucia
Toraille Waterfall, St. Lucia
Sea Horse, St. Lucia
Enjoying the view of Petit Piton from Soufriere Beach
Tree Ferns
Ginger Lily, St. Lucia
St. Lucia
Deep Sea Fishing
Reduit Beach looking towards Pigeon Island
Horseback riding on the beach
Gros Piton Trail
Rainforest Waterfall
Crafts, St. Lucia
Whale Watching, St. Lucia
Saltibus Waterfall, St. Lucia
St. Lucia Pottery
St. Lucia church
Grenadines Day Sail
Caribbean Sunset
Rainforest Canopy Zipline
St. Lucia Beach
St. Lucia jeep tour
St. Lucia Rainforest
Sunset at Reduit Beach, St. Lucia
Adventures and Activities: From the North, St. Lucia
Full Day
Around the Island:
US $85.00 per person

On this tour you are accompanied by a guide who will share local history and folk tales of St. Lucia’s cultural heritage with time for plenty of photo stops. The tour takes you through Castries the capital of St. Lucia and ascends Morne Fortune with its dramatic view and historical ruins. It continues down the west coast through one of the largest banana plantations in the eastern Caribbean, quaint fishing villages and the outskirts of the rainforest, abounding with tropical vegetation. You’ll enjoy the scenic drive south to the historical town of Soufriere, home of St. Lucia’s Pitons. While in Soufriere, visit the Sulphur Springs and Drive-in Volcano, a botanical garden and waterfall and stop for lunch at a local restaurant. The journey continues further south to the village of Choiseul, with a short stop at a local handicraft center for an opportunity to purchase local crafts and souvenirs. The tour then heads north, up the rugged windswept Atlantic Coast.
Brig Unicorn Day Sail:
US $110.00 per person

Experience the fun and exhilaration of a day at sea on the Brig Unicorn - a 140ft replica of a 19th century brig with 2.5 miles of running rigging and 6000Ssq ft of sail. She took part in the 1976 Tall Ships Race and was used in the filming of Roots and Pirates of the Caribbean. Enjoy a day cruising the west coast of St. Lucia whilst you relax and top up your tan. Sip on complimentary rum punch and soft drinks as you sail past fishing villages and down the beautiful coastline. Disembark at the town of Soufriere and tour the famous Sulphur Springs and Drive-in Volcano, the stunning Diamond Falls and lush botanical gardens before returning to the Unicorn for a tasty lunch onboard. On the sail north there is a stop for swimming and a sail through beautiful Marigot Bay to complete your adventure.
Catamaran Day Sail:
8:30am-4:30pm Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
US $100.00 per person

Savor the pleasure of sailing St. Lucia's pristine waters aboard a beautiful Catamaran that takes you along the picturesque west coast of the island. See the famous Pitons as they rise majestically out of the sea and visit the bubbling Drive-In Volcano as you learn how our island was formed. Experience a natural waterfall as it cascades down from the rainforest. Learn about the tradition and culture of an 18th century working plantation. See how cocoa and coffee are made and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. Top it all off with a swim or relax in the sun at one of St. Lucia's protected bays. Keep your cameras handy for a perfect photo opportunity as you sail through picturesque Marigot Bay. Then brush up on your dance steps with the crew as they teach you the latest island moves. Don't miss this chance to see and do "Tout Bagay" meaning a little bit of everything in St. Lucia's local Creole language. You'll definitely learn a lot about St Lucia on this extensive tour.
Des Cartiers Rainforest Trail:
8 hours
US $95.00 per person

You will be driven down the east coast, past fishing villages and banana fields, enjoying views of the Atlantic coastline where there are constant waves in the deep blue waters. You will then turn inland and experience a botanical paradise at Mahaut, St. Lucia’s most hidden, lush rainforest. The trailhead is inland located in the Quilesse Forest Reserve. A park ranger will lead the group on the approximately 2.5 mile looped hike of the Des Cartiers Rainforest Trail. Trek through the untamed jungle of this wonderful verdant forest; discover some of St. Lucia’s endemic wildlife as you make your way through the hanging vines, ferns as large as people and tall hard wood trees. You have a definite possibility of seeing rare birds like the St. Lucia Parrot. You will enjoy a picnic lunch and make a stop for a refreshing swim before making the scenic drive back.
EnBas Sault Rainforest Waterfall Hike:
8 hours
US $110.00 per person

An hour and a half of driving will take you past the fishing villages of Anse La Rayes & Canaries, through Soufriere and into the village of Fond Cet Jacques (The Valley Of The Green Parrots). This remote, wild and unbelievably scenic four mile loop trail takes you deep into the Central Rainforest Reserve. You will explore rainforest, cloud forest and elfin woodlands. Look and listen for the numerous birds that inhabit the forest. Enbas Saut means “below the falls” and the trail ends at two cascading waterfalls with pools at the head of the Troumasse River. After a cool dip and a picnic lunch you will loop back up another trail which finishes just up the road from where you began.
Gros Piton Nature Trail Hike:
8-10 hours
US$130.00 per person

The Gros Piton Nature Trail takes you 2620 ft above sea level to the top of the taller of St. Lucia’s famous twin peaks. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pitons are undoubtedly St. Lucia’s most recognized feature. The trail begins in the village of Fond Gens Libre, which means “Village of the Free People”. You will see Brigand sites including caves, tunnels and look outs. The first half of the trail is moderate and can be enjoyed by everyone, while the second half involves a steep accent to the summit suitable to the more adventurous hiker. As you make your way to the summit you will experience a breathtaking, panoramic view of the Choiseul village, Petit Piton, and the entire south-western part of the island. On a clear day you can even see neighboring islands. After you descend and enjoy a well-earned, delicious lunch you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the mineral-rich water of the celebrated Piton Falls.
Jungle Mountain Biking:
US $105 per person

This excursion begins with a relaxing boat ride from the Castries Harbor to Anse Mitan beach, close to St. Lucia’s Pitons. Here the 12 miles of trails through a lush coastal jungle with its 18th century plantation ruins and hundreds of fruit trees features novice and intermediate trails. This allows riders of differing skill levels to ride together while challenging themselves. After being given an introductory tour by professionally trained staff, riders are free to ride at their own pace on any and all of the trails. For novice riders, personalized instruction and tips for making your riding experience more enjoyable is available. Lunch is at the Jungle Grille Restaurant. Rental shoes are available for a nominal fee. All riders must wear closed toed shoes. Wear suitably comfortable clothing for biking; light-weight synthetic materials that wick away moisture and dry quickly are best. A towel, swim suit, sunscreen and perhaps a change of clothing are useful.
Kool Kayaking:
US $105 per person

The day begins with a relaxing boat ride to Anse Mitan. Upon arrival, the first part of the day is a fun learning experience on and in the water. You will learn techniques on how to safely exit and re-enter your kayak, basic paddle strokes and balance. Lunch is at the Jungle Grille Restaurant. After lunch, don a Personal Flotation Device and paddle up the coast over reefs to the weathered volcanic cliffs that give St. Lucia its renowned rugged beauty then head southward passing small isolated beaches. From here you can look across the entirety of Soufriere Bay and see the majestic twin peaks of the Pitons rising out of the sea. After spending some time along the rocky cliffs, you will head back to the Jungle Reef Adventure center where the beach and a snorkeling await. A synthetic, lightweight and loose long sleeve garment can be helpful in keeping you from sunburn. Polarized sunglasses with a securing device and a hat are advised.
Land & Sea Safari by Jeep:

8 hours
US $150.00 per person

An adventurous excursion with a difference! Join an open-back jeep and ravel along the west coast through acres of banana plantations, through two fishing villages, along the winding and pictureques tropical countryside to the town of Soufriere. See the spectacular twin peaks, "The Pitons" as they rise sheer out of the sea. Take a dip in a natural waterfall fed by forest streams that cascade gloriously into a pool at the centre of a beautiful garden. Continue onwards to the Caribbean's only Drive-in Volcano with its bubbling Sulphur Springs. Fond Doux, a 19th Century plantation, is the next stop. Walk along trails with breathtaking beautiful tropical flora. Taste the locally grown cocoa pods and see how they are sun-dried before being shipped out, later to be processed and served as delicious chocolate bars. Enjoy lunch before joining a Catamaran for your relaxing return along the island's beautiful coastline. Stop for a swim before cruising through spectacular Marigot Bay and returning to dock.

Land & Sea Safari by Coach:

8 hours
US $110.00 per person

Enjoy the island by Land and Sea - the best of both worlds - as you experience the quaint and beautiful landscape of the island by coach and the spectacular coastline by boat. Drive through the banana plantations, the tropical vegetation and two fishing villages on the outskirts of the Rainforest, before descending into Soufriere, home of the awesomely beautiful "Pitons". Visit the Sulphur Springs in the Drive-in Volcano and amazing Botanical Gardens, where tropical flowers grow in profusion. Stop for lunch at a plantation restaurant after which you join a boat for the journey along the island's fascinating coastline. Stop for swimming before cruising through beautiful Marigot Bay and returning to the dock.

Pirate's Day Sail:
US $110.00 per person

Once a week Pirate’s Day on the Brig Unicorn is a day for families. The usual Soufriere day tour is done along with other activities geared towards the children. Children get the opportunity to get dressed up as a pirate for the day and you can even buy eye patches, bandanas and swords right off the Unicorn. Their faces are painted, fun games and a treasure hunt takes place during the day.
Scuba Diving with Island Divers:
See rates below

St. Lucia offers an underwater world that ranks among the richest and most beautiful in the entire Caribbean. Whether you are a novice or certified diver come explore our waters! The vast stretches of coral reef around the island’s shores are home to a dazzling variety of marine and plant life. Artificial reefs have developed over decades around the wrecks of sunken ships give shelter in their hulls to many species of fish, large and small and provide adventurous exploring for the more experienced diver. Underwater exploration of St. Lucia offers fascinating opportunities to view gorgonians, black coral trees, gigantic barrel sponges, purple vase sponges and lace corals as well as angel fish, spotted eels, seahorses, stingrays, turtles and a large variety of schooling fish. We offer wall dives, wreck dives, reef dives and night dives.

Rates for Beginners or first time Scuba Divers
(Resort Course)
1 dive $80

Rates for Certified Divers
1 day - 2 tank dive $70
2 day - 4 tank dive $132

Diver Package $150
Includes transfers to and from your hotel, 2 tank dive or Resort course, snorkel gear for the day, lunch and use of resort beach facilities.
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling with Scuba Steve:
See rates below

If you would like to try scuba diving or snorkeling for the first time or if you are already a certified diver, Scuba Steve's Diving is a great choice. St Lucia has warm clear waters, interesting and varied dive and snorkeling sites guaranteeing some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling holidays anywhere in the Caribbean. Scuba Steve's Diving is situated in the north on the waterfront of the Rodney Bay Marina.

Rates for Beginners or first time Scuba Divers
(Resort Course)
2 tank dive $130

Rates for Certified Divers
1 day - 2 tank dive $75
(plus $15 if the dives are in the south of the island)

Rates for Snorkeling
US $51.00
Snorkeling at Anse Cochon Marine Park:
US $70.00 per person

Explore the island’s amazing underwater world as you snorkel at some of the best spots on the island. Float along on the ocean’s surface as you discover Coral Reefs teaming with multi-colored fish feeding on plants or algae, crustaceans as the plod along white soft corals, sea fans and sponges flutter in the currents. If you are a first time snorkeler our certified crew will teach you the snorkeling technique, ocean safety and equipment use. The package includes: transfers to and from your hotel, masks, fins, snorkels, marine park fee, lunch and use of resort beach facilities.
Soufriere by Land:
5-7 hours
US $70.00 per person or $85.00 per person with lunch

This tour affords you an excellent opportunity to visit some of the most scenic parts of our beautiful island. Drive through banana and coconut plantations, sleepy fishing villages along the island's west coast road, through tropical island vegetation and to the magical town of Soufriere. Visit the Caribbean's only Drive-in Volcano with its bubbling Sulphur Springs and see the majestic Pitons as they rise out of the sea. Enjoy a cool drink or lunch at a local restaurant and then continue on to Torialle Waterfall where white torrents of water gush 50ft over a hillside cascading gloriously into a pool where you can dip in the cool waters and wonder through the beautiful gardens.
Adventures and Activities: From the North, St. Lucia
Half Day
ATV Paradise Tour:
5 hours
US $90.00 per driver, $30:00 per passenger

ATV Paradise Tours Ltd. is located on 1,000 acres of lush tropical land in Fond Estate, Micoud, on the East coast of Saint Lucia. The very serene and peaceful property is most suited to people looking for a different experience. Guests are encouraged to identify in this rich environment, the vast amount of plants, flowers and fruits, some of which are individually labeled for easy recognition with a small description of each tree, flower and plant. This extensive property has more than 40 different varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables. Locals can be seen in the river catching crayfish. Flowers such as Baliazier and Birds of Paradise can be found growing in their natural state. The tour includes driving through different plantations, across a river, through the rainforest and a visit to the beach. Tour guests enjoy local fruits, herb tea or local juice. NOTE: Hotel transfers are not included in the rates listed and would depend on the number of participants.
Bonne Terre Tropica Gardens:
2 hours
$30 per person

Enjoy a guided tour through the 4 acres of lush gardens and the charming plantation house. This beautiful hidden treasure of St. Lucia is filled with luscious fruits, blooming flowers, thriving plants and shading trees.
Barre De L’isle Trail:
4 hours
US $65 per person

The Barre de L’isle Forest Reserve gets its name from the fact that it is a ridge that divides the eastern and western halves of St Lucia. It takes approximately one hour to walk this one-mile trail and another hour to climb Mt. La Caombe ridge, 1,446 feet above sea level. The trail provides panoramic views from four lookout points encompassing Mount Gimie, the tallest mountain on the island, the nearby Bexon Valley and the Fond d’Or Valley on the Atlantic Coast. You will see many types of rainforest trees, fine stands of pine, blue mahoe and mahogany.
Deep Sea Fishing:
4 hours
US $120.00 per person

Whether you have never been fishing or you are an experienced angler we are happy to have you join this thrilling and exciting adventure. Take you turn at regular catches such as Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Long Bill Spearfish, King Fish, Spanish Mackeral, and Snapper. We supply the bait and up to date tackle. The trolling method and rotating chair, known as "fighting chair", is used to ensure everyone gets a chance at landing the "big one".
Glass Bottom Boat:
2 hours
US $45.00 per person

Experience the beauty and splendor of the captivating marine life found in the north of the island from the comfort of a Glass Bottom boat also known as a semi submarine. Sit back relax on this thrilling ride. View an array of marine life as you marvel at the kaleidoscope of fish, sponges and magnificent coral.
Historical Pigeon Island:
Pick up and drop off times available all day
US $30.00 per person for the taxi,
US $5.00 entry fee

A water taxi will pick you up and drop you off right at Harmony Suites dock. Jutting out from the northwest coast, Pigeon Island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. The pirate Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg), once hid out on this 44-acre hilltop islet -- a strategic point during the struggles for control of St. Lucia. Now it's a national landmark and a venue for concerts, festivals, and family gatherings. There are two small beaches with calm waters for swimming and snorkeling, a restaurant and picnic areas. On the grounds are ruins of barracks, batteries, and garrisons that date from 18th-century French and English battles. In the Museum and Interpretative Centre, housed in the restored British officers' mess, a there is a multimedia presentation on the island's ecological and historical past.
Horseback Riding Adventure:
2, 4 & 6 hour tour w/ beach bbq available
US $55.00 - $75.00 per person

Whether you are new to this sport or an advanced rider, a knowledgeable guide will accompany you on along a trail on the northeast of the island. Enjoy the tranquility as you ride along this very scenic beach. You can take the saddle off and go swimming with your horse. This tour is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. Jeans and sneakers are best suited for this tour.
Jeep Explorer:
4-5 hours
US $50.00 per person

Getting there is half the fun! Join our open topped land rover for an exciting journey through banana plantations and secondary rainforest. Once in the “jungle” we stop for a short walk along a winding river to a beautiful waterfall. Although we don’t swim in the actual falls, we do stop for a refreshing dip in a rock pool lower down in the river. Enjoy the fresh air, exercise and sunshine on this tropical island adventure.
Kayaking and Snorkeling Pigeon Island:
2-3 hours
US $50.00 per person

Enjoy a morning paddling around Pigeon Island on the calm Caribbean Sea. Once you meet your guide you’ll receive a kayak lesson and safety briefing. Then set off on the approximately 30-minute paddle at Pigeon Island National Park. During your paddle, your guide relates the areas colorful history, from pirate days to more recent decades when the US Navy occupied Pigeon Island. At the island, you have ample free time to relax on the small beach, snorkel, swim or kayak some more! You might choose to explore the 18th century ruins of Fort Rodney and the small museum and interpretive center. Snorkeling equipment including safety vest and professional supervision included.
Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail:
5-6 hours
US $65.00 per person

Located in the heart of St. Lucia, is this heaven of bird life. Over thirty species of birds can be found here including the five endemic species: the St. Lucia Parrot, St. Lucia Black Finch, St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Pewee and St. Lucia Warbler. The trail is just short of two miles long and perched 1000 feet above sea level. It provides a breath taking view of the Roseau Dam, the largest in the Eastern Caribbean, and Mount Gimie, the highest mountain on the island.
Rainforest Aerial Tram:
3 hours
US $100.00 per person

The Rainforest Sky Rides provides a bird's eye view of a truly mature Caribbean oceanic rainforest. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, the gondolas safely glide you through and over the treetops, where knotted and twisting woody vines wind to the tops of old growth rainforest trees. Dense thickets of vegetation merge with cascades of flowers. Giant Chatannier, Magnolia, Ficus and Gommier trees tower the landscape and provide food and shelter for St Lucia's endemic and endangered parrot. Experience St Lucia's forest from a whole new perspective and witness this ancient celebration of life & color! This is a great tour for the entire family, including persons who are physically challenged.
Rainforest Canopy Adventure Tour:
6 hours
US $100.00 per person

An experience you will talk about long after your holiday is over … Come Fly With Us!!! The exhilarating canopy adventure begins with a bus journey through the interior of the island and off road to the canopy base situated in the heart of the forest, you are given a safety briefing and geared up for an unforgettable experience. Then enjoy a bird’s eye view as you zip through 9 platforms with a unique view of the tropical forest and river. Trained guides are stationed at each platform to assist and provide you with information and safety procedures throughout the course. This tour is for adventure lovers and does not demand physical strength although it is not suitable for kids under 12 years, pregnant women, and persons with medical or physical disabilities, including disabilities due to weight. Jeans and sneakers are best suited for this tour.
Rainforest Tram AND Canopy Adventure:
8:25am-1:30pm, 12:25pm-4:25pm
US $100.00 per person

Begin with the Rainforest Ariel Tram Adventure but disembark at the top and follow the trail to the Canopy start Platform. The Sky Canopy is the newest eco adventure at the Aerial Tram Park in Chassin. The combination of Canopy with Aerial Tram provides the visitor with the ultimate nature experience. Imagine the thrill of gliding and traversing thru ten zip lines between rainforest trees such as Gommier, Magnolias, Ficus and Chatanniers. Afterwards, return to the top station and board your gondola for a truly magnificent view 130 feet above the treetops before riding down to the base station.
River Hike:
4 hours
US $65.00 per person

For those who love nature, this tour takes you to the quaint little village of Canaries. From the tranquility of Grand Bois (Creole for deep forest) we hike 25 minutes into an unspoiled nature with crystal clear cascading waterfalls. Walk through one of the oldest yet little known estates with exotic fruits and breath in the clean air of paradise. Bask in the glory of the cool fresh waters at this magnificent, cool waterfall. Mouth watering fresh coconut water and fruits are waiting to sooth your appetite and quench your thirst. This tour can be built into a Soufriere full day adventure. This tour will literally connect you with the true "spirit of nature". This tour can also be built into a full day trip including stops in Marigot Bay and/or Soufriere.
Shopping Shuttle:
3-4 hours
US $25 per person

Explore the small but lively Capital city of Castries on this shopping trip. You can shop for local craft at the Craft Market and visit Caribelle Batik - renowned for its colourful beautiful silk prints, clothing and souvenir items. The next stop is Duty Free Pointe Seraphine for an array of shops offering and extensive assortment of merchandise. The final stop is the Gablewoods Shopping Mall with its Supermarket, liquor store, bookstore and a selection of other shops and boutiques. Don't forget your airline ticket and some form of ID for duty-free purchases.
Waterfall Bike Hike:
5 hours
US $60.00 per person

Jeep it! Bike it! Like it! An open top 4x4 Land Rover picks you up at your hotel for the scenic drive to one of our local fishing villages. This route takes you through acres of cultivated banana plantations. Once in the village, you board your mountain bikes for a ride through the village, to a country road for some fun and adventure. The trail takes you through an uneven terrain that leads you to the outskirts of lush secondary forest and gurgling streams. Your bike ride will take you to a natural waterfall and river pool for a refreshing dip in the cool mountain water. Before returning to your resort we stop in the village for a drink at a local bar.
Whale Watching / Dolphin Spotting:
3 hours
US $80.00 per person

Turquoise blue waters blessed with abundance of marine life surrounds this beautiful island. Enjoy the excitement of the search for some of the world’s greatest mammals. See the stunning coastline, fishing villages, deserted coves, and the majestic pitons in the distance as you look out for these extraordinary beautiful mammals or listen for their incredible cries. You have the opportunity of spotting Sperm Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, and Hump- Back Whales, Spinners Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose and Fraser Dolphins. The boats are hydrophone-equipped and the success rate of sightings is high, so join us in on this exhilarating natural experience.
Adventures and Activities: From the North, St. Lucia
Evening Excursions
Anse La Raye Fish Festival:
6:00pm-9:00pm Fridays
US $30.00 per person

Travel down the scenic west coast on your way to weekly Seafood Street party. Disembark at the fishing village of Anse La Raye and join St. Lucian and visitors for evening of good food and local drinks. Sample a wide variety of seafood, have a Piton Beer, maybe a drink or two of the local Spice Rum experience to remember.
Brig Unicorn Sunset Cruise:
US $60.00 per person

Experience a breathtaking beautiful sunset as you sail aboard the epic Brig Unicorn, the beautiful 3 mast sailboat used in the blockbuster hit movie: Pirates of the Caribbean. Let the soothing sounds of sweet steel pan music fill your heart as you enjoy complimentary drinks and light hors d'oeuvers. See the island's magical coastline as the sun drops below the horizon; enjoy the romance of the evening or dance to the pulsating rhythms of the steel band.
Champagne Party Cruise:
US $60.00 per person

Capture the magic of a tropical dusk sailing into the sunset on board a beautiful catamaran. This is definitely the climax to wonderful day. Experience the unimaginable beauty of the skyline, sipping champagne and savoring the light hor d'oeuvres as the romance and magnificence of the evening surrounds you. There is the coastline to your left and the slowly sinking sun to your right, the wind in your hair and a song in your heart.
Gros Islet Street Party:
8:30pm-until Friday
US $20.00 per person

If you are in St. Lucia on a Friday night, don't miss this weekly street party. It is undeniably wild, but if you want to see St. Lucia at its most festive, this is the place. At around 9pm the entire town of Gros Islet (about one mile north of Rodney Bay) moves to the streets, grooving to soca and Caribbean rhythms. Vendors sell barbequed chicken, fresh conch, and locally made beverages. The festivities usually last until 1am.
Adventures and Activities: From the North, St. Lucia
Other Excursions
First Tee Time 6:50am
18 holes US $135 including cart
9 holes US $95 including cart

The St. Lucia Golf Club is located on the northern tip of the island and is set within the scenic rolling hills of Cap Estates. The par-71 plays to 6,836 yards and overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The course opened in 2001 and has since become one of the most demanding layouts in the Caribbean; the par-5 opening hole gets players' attention right away with a fairway guarded on the right by trees and on the left by bunkers. First-time visitors will be inspired by the natural splendor of the course and the wildlife that lives on it.
Grenadine Islands Day Sail:
8 hours
US $345.00 per person

Live out a dream and a fantasy for a day and visit these fascinating islands lying between St. Vincent and Grenada. A forty five-minute flight takes you southward into this fairyland. Upon arrival at Union Island, board a catamaran for an unforgettable experience. Sail past uninhabited, sandbanks and islands with crystal clear waters. Stop to swim, snorkel, relax and experience a day that will be difficult to repeat. There are complimentary drinks served throughout the day as well as a sumptuous lunch.
Helicopter Tours:
Duration 10-30 minutes throughout the day
US $70-$155 per person

Explore the mystical, secret sights St. Lucia offered only to those who would fly by helicopter. These are truly unforgettable adventures.

Helicopter Scenic Airport Shuttle
Turn a ninety-minute, drive into ten minutes of comfort, convenience, breathtaking views and scenic beauty. Offering service between the two airports, it is a perfect way to have lasting memories of St Lucia.
US$120.00 per person
Martinique Splendor:
7:30am-5:30pm Thurs, Fri
US $198.00 per person

Experience the French way of life and culture by joining the "Flying Ray", a 60ft power catamaran, for the one and a half hour ride across the Caribbean sea, to Martinique the "Paris of the Caribbean". Disembark in Fort de France, the capital of Martinique, for shopping at the "Savane" along "le Boulevard General de Gaulle" or in many quaint boutiques that line the side streets. Wanders at your leisure before rejoining the boat to cross the Bais de Fort de France to Anse Noire to enjoy a delicious lunch onboard. Swim or snorkel off the boat. On the crossing you may even catch a glimpse of dolphins, sea turtles, or a school of flying fish. Transfers, departure taxes, all beverages on board the boat and lunch is included. Your passport information is required before 12 noon on the day preceding the tour.
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